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低鳩協音頁哂猟梧?i see fire 頁飼曳蒙繁議´´

Light My FireYou know that it would be untrue 低岑祇宸音頁寔糞議You know that I would be a liar 低岑祇厘頁倖騰徨If I was to say to you 泌惚厘才低糞三傍Girl, we couldn't get much higher 甲弟,厘断涙隈器欺互咳Come on baby, light my fire 栖杏右

‐承咄レン/‐fire£flower/晩猟邪兆袋瀧嶄猟梧簡恬簡:halyosy恬爆:halyosy園爆:is濛:承咄レン仝恷兜(さいしょ)から埴(きみ)を挫(す)きでいられて措(よ)かった々なんて 腎(そら)に梧(うた)うんだsa i sho ka ra ki mi wo

[利白藍徨]玲岬丞:The ImperialMatch 甥吸僥坩 in winter 2005-2006 議 仝On My Way々 壓郎致利貧朴On My Way祥氏孀欺 鯵器はどこへ佩くのだろう ore tachi wa doko e yuku no darou 厘断繍肇鮑侶 それぞれの凋の扮を狛ごし sorezore no

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below 填,蛤表岻和議痴零岻凛 Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls 萩喘伉便擦厘儘宮議痩至 And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke 飛敵冖倉刎顕固阻稼餬 Keep watching over Durin's son 萩喟消便李凝


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Oh, misty eye of the mountain below蛤表岻和,痴零岻凛Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls呂伉冨寮,令吉至痩And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke倉刎敵冖,盈晩岻扮Keep watching over Durin's sons擦嗷令吉,脅痩徨柾If this is

窮唹峨爆 I See Fire、窮唹ゞCamp Rock 2 辧獄歪綜唔2〃議峨爆 Fire.


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